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Webinar, September 24th
Supermarkets, Restaurants, & Food Service Companies Reducing Food Waste

31% of food that is available at supermarkets, restaurants, dining halls, and in households is wasted. Across the country, supermarkets, restaurants, and food service companies are adopting innovative new approaches to reduce the amount of food that goes unsold, recover more wholesome unsold food to donate to people who need it, and recycle food discards for energy generation or composting.  Stores are even coming up with new incentives to convince consumers to buy “ugly” produce.

Please join us on September 24, Wednesday at 2:00 pm EDT – 3:00 pm EDT for this webinar that will feature industry representatives and non-profit organizations discussing how they are leading the fight against food waste at the retailer level.  There will also be ample time devoted to dialogue, Q&As, and the sharing of resources.  Click here to register

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